Vinyl card holders are an indispensable form of promotion for insurance brokers and agents. They accommodate a customer's registration, driver's license and proof of insurance (pink) card. Successful businesses are using this low cost method of advertising as a way of generating customer appreciation and loyalty.

We offer a high quality product at excellent prices. "Old-fashioned" is our approach to service.

  Coloured vinyl outside with two inside clear pockets.  
Model #90 Approx. size:

4.5"x3" closed
4.5"x6" opened

Information below is exclusive to insurance brokers, agents, and companies

In order to be as transparent as possible, our prices include almost everything

  • NO CHARGE: Computer work on photo-ready setup. Value $30 +
  • NO CHARGE: Printing plate which can include personal logo etc.., Value $50 +
  • NO CHARGE: Proof of artwork by e-mail for confirmation.

Available models:

  • # 90 as described above
  • # 903 is a #90 with an added outside clear pocket
  • # 90-2 is a #90 plus a second imprint (printed on both sides)

Price List May 1st 2018 - price per unit


# 90

# 903

# 90-2


(Minimum) 500




Prices are subject to change without notice - Applicable sales taxes to be added

Shipping: Actual cost of shipping, to a maximum of $45/1000 (or per order of 500)

We reserve the right to ship and charge 5% over or under the quantity ordered 

Suede Vinyl - Our most popular colours are: Black, Navy, White, Red, Royal Blue, Dark Green
Most popular print colours: Black, White, Gold, Silver

(Complete color list below)

Vinyl colours

Print colours (hot-stamping)

Paul Winchell, Accounts

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